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starchild skull alien origin

Starchild skull found in Mexico

Believed to be the discovery of a spectacular alien/human hybrid, a strange looking skull was found by an American teenage girl from El Paso, Texas. She wandered deep within a cave located in Copper...

dark fairy corpse

Dark fairies found around

Small winged creatures have been discovered. What exactly they are is unknown. They seem to resemble dark looking fairies. Several bodies have even been preserved in formaldehyde. One of the specimens was found by...

Jesus statue split

Statue of Jesus opens eyes

Perhaps this is a sign of the times. In Mexico, at a church located in the state of Coahuila de Zaragoza a supernatural moment seemed to have happened. The eyes of Jesus seemingly opened...

Mexico Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead

A ghastly sight to be seen as many appeared for one of the most celebrated holidays during the year. America has recently finished Halloween and Mexico celebrated its Day of the Dead with a...

corpse bride face

The Corpse Bride

The display is disturbing to some while fascinating to others. Located in Chihuahua, Mexico is one sight spectators have been coming to see since 1930. Known as the corpse bride, this mannequin stands upright...