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Stunning UFO cell phone capture in Sonora, Mexico has gone viral

What appears to be a UFO caught in Sonora, Mexico with a cell phone

Policeman in Mexico attacked by flying witch

In the foothills of Monterrey, Mexico a police officer encountered what he called a

Alien humanoid recorded on rooftop in Mexico

What is seen in this video, appears to be some sort of pink skinned

Ancient Aztec artifacts have been presented in Mexico

Ancient artifacts have been presented recently from Ojuelos de Jalisco, Mexico. It is a

Starchild skull found in Mexico

Believed to be the discovery of a spectacular alien/human hybrid, a strange looking skull

Creepy website streams over 73,000 hacked private camera feeds

Being safe and secure is something everyone wants in life. Knowing that their family

Dark fairies found around

Small winged creatures have been discovered. What exactly they are is unknown. They seem

Statue of Jesus opens eyes

Perhaps this is a sign of the times. In Mexico, at a church located

Day of the Dead

A ghastly sight to be seen as many appeared for one of the most

The Corpse Bride

The display is disturbing to some while fascinating to others. Located in Chihuahua, Mexico