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More NASA hoax theories unveiled

When people donate to NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) they believe that their

NASA swat team terrifies grandmother forcing her to give up her Moon rock

An astonishing event happened, when 75 year old Joann Davis from Lake Elsinore, California

Mobile alien bases have been spotted on the Moon

With all the theories about aliens and extraterrestrial activity happening lately, some people have

Humans originally evolved from another world

A rather interesting theory has been presented which may explain the origin of humans.

Tom DeLonge says alien disclosure will happen soon

Tom DeLonge is the front man from the once popular band Blink-182 and currently

Dying CIA operative reveals details of Area 51

Back in March of 2013, an interview took place at an undisclosed location. What

UFOs captured on camera flying over Maine

In Buxton, Maine something rather extraordinary has happened this holiday season. It seems a

Bigfoot spotted on Mars and skull found

There are many claims about things appearing on planet Mars. Some are nothing but

Pentagon secret revealed the Anunnaki will return

It seems that we should expect what are known as The Anunnaki, they are

Aliens inhabit the moon and watch our every move

As time has passed, groups of people have explored the moon. What is now

Devil skull appears during hurricane Matthew

Maybe you have heard of the eye of the storm? So far, this massive

Alien structures discovered on the moon

On March 13, 2014, there were white structures found on the surface of the