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Frog from Loveland Ohio Sighting

The Loveland Frog Sightings

There are bizarre creatures in this world, we never imagined that could actually exist. Many years ago, in Clermont County, Ohio something quite bizarre was allegedly seen. Standing a mere 3 to 4 feet...

Zombie Raccoons in Ohio

Zombie Raccoons Terrorize Ohio Town

A series of isolated incidents involving raccoons happened in Youngstown, Ohio. With the strange behavior displayed by the raccoons, over a dozen of them have been euthanized. Apparently, these raccoons were suffering from a...

Sasquatch youth in graveyard Ohio

Sasquatch Youth Digs Open Grave

Seen in a rather bizarre video, appears to be a younger looking humanoid digging into a grave. The entire thing seems shady, yet it is like watching a car accident, you can’t seem to...

The Faceless Hitchhiker of Ohio

The Faceless Hitchhiker of Ohio

Believed to be one of the most frightening places in all of Ohio, an intersection has set people scared. Not only during the night, have people reportedly seen a humanoid figure without a face,...