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Giant Megalith in Russia

Massive megaliths found in Russia

There have been massive megaliths found in Russia. How did they get there? And what purpose did they have? This has people wondering. These enormous stones are scattered in particular locations and were once...


Russians find ancient alien astronaut

Back during the early 1960’s, Russian KGB apparently found an ancient alien astronaut inside a pyramid during an expedition to Egypt. Initially, they entered the tomb unprotected not wearing any protective gear. When they...


The Well to Hell

While the sounds are questionable, the eerie notion of hell deep beneath the Earth has been mentioned throughout history. According to the Bible, the world itself will become a living hell at the end...


Slinky slender men caught on video

It is known as slender man, a shadowy figure which draped itself alongside of a building seen in Russia and the United States among other places. There is a video showing this mysterious creature...