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Man unveils massive Bigfoot head on video

Remarkably, a man unveiled what appears to be a Bigfoot head on camera. His

Josh Highcliff’s Bigfoot encounter

While out in the woods, people often come across natural beauty and sometimes they

Bow hunters babble before Bigfoot encounter in Idaho

While out filming their Bow Hunting episode in Idaho back in 2013, Tim Wells,

Boy films Bigfoot in his backyard

An 11 year old boy used his video camera to capture an apparent Bigfoot

Southern Sasquatch encountered by several officers in Virginia

Not long ago, in southern Albemarle county Virginia, a Sasquatch was spotted strolling along

Bigfoot with baby captured on video in wilderness

This video dates back to 2013, when someone came across a Bigfoot and its

Hunter get’s deer stolen by Bigfoot in Hobart Bay, Alaska

There have been many encounters reported about Bigfoot over the years, however this one

Sasquatch spotted and recorded by Todd Standing

An incredible video shows what appears to be a Sasquatch captured on video. The

Pot Sasquatch captured on camera in Massachusetts

While a reporter from Springfield, Massachusetts was broadcasting on the channel 22 storm team

Trail camera captures Bigfoot in Sequoia National Forest

An astounding video has emerged showing only a glimpse of a Bigfoot, which stumbled

Bigfoot spotted on Mars and skull found

There are many claims about things appearing on planet Mars. Some are nothing but

Sasquatch spotted in Tofino Canada

A Sasquatch has been spotted in Canada, some news footage was taken to capture