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Strange sounds heard in Allen, Texas

Located in Allen, Texas about six years ago, strange sounds were heard. These sounds

The paranormal history of Jackson Square Apartments

Several years ago in Amarillo, Texas a historic building once stood. It was believed

Paranormal activity happening at old Texas hotel

In a hotel located in Seguin, it seems a rather strange occurrence happened. Fortunately,

Ghostly Texas motel room video recording has gone viral

Recently, a man from Harlingen, Texas experienced something supernatural. His room was strangely filled

Cursed couch captures customers attention in Waco, Texas

Located in Waco, Texas is a cursed couch that sits in a consignment furniture

Roswell deputy sheriff spills details about crash encounter

Recently, a former deputy sheriff from Roswell, NM came forward saying he witnessed four

Legend of The Donkey Lady Bridge

During the 1970’s, an urban legend was started by people who encountered a woman

Whimsical water walkers wander willfully

How they are able to defy logic with their magical methods can’t rationally be

Texas cheerleaders get a haunting surprise

While haunting s seem to occur in old homes, they also can happen at

Starchild skull found in Mexico

Believed to be the discovery of a spectacular alien/human hybrid, a strange looking skull

UFO light show in Massachusetts

An unexpected light show happened in Massachusetts. There isn’t much information to go on

Chupacabras on the prowl

Perhaps the name rings a bell, it is a small creature which has appeared