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Bragolin cursed paintings

Curse of the Crying Boys

He was born as Bruno Amadio in Vence, Italy back in 1911. Later, he became known as Giovanni Bragolin an Italian painter, who created works of art still revered today. He also was known...

Longleat Ghost

The Ghost of Longleat House

Regarded as one of the most compelling videos of a ghost ever seen on camera, the location is set in the United Kingdom. Known as the Longleat House, this video shows a ghostly figure...

aliens at crop circle

Tall White Aliens inspect crop circle in UK

Back on July 6th of 2009, a rather strange event took place. There are not many who have heard about this paranormal moment. This incredible encounter was experienced by a police sergeant from Marlborough,...

Baby Harper Lewis

Demon watches over unborn baby

Strange things can occur during a pregnancy. Every expecting mother wants their child to be healthy. Fathers worry equally as well. Having a happy family is what many people strive for. Unfortunately for this...

dover ghost

Dover Castle Ghost

This extraordinary video captured what appears to be an apparition floating across the gate to Dover Castle, located in the English county of Kent in the United Kingdom. It is known as the “Key...

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