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UFO sightings around the world

Worldwide UFO sightings reach an all-time high

There has been an astronomically large amount of UFO sightings over the last decade. Compared to the 1980’s, there were less than 5,000 noted sightings. In the 1990’s, the number reached to around 10,000...

Statue of Liberty photo UFO

UFO hovers near the Statue of Liberty

What appears to be some sort of UFO was near lady liberty herself. The video was uploaded on December 10th on YouTube. There is much speculation to whether or not this is nothing more...

Thermal drone UFO recording

UFO recorded by thermal drone in Romania

Amazing footage has been presented to Secure Team 10 on YouTube. Seen in the video, is something unlike anything else yet. What appears is now being called “thing” over Romania. A man known as...

Surfer recording UFO in sky

Morphing UFO portals appearing all over England

Appearing all over England, are gaseous dark colored clouds. They seem to form a face of some sort seen in some moments. This strange phenomena has captured the attention of people who live in...

UFO VHS footage found 2017 ring zoomed

Mysterious VHS UFO footage found recently

While there are numerous UFO videos discovered, this one is rather intriguing. The source of this was from iUFOSightings on March 15th, 2017 and their YouTube channel. The quality of the video, dates back...

Varginha alien

The Varginha UFO incident

Perhaps this event is the biggest thing since the infamous Roswell incident. The event took place back on January 20th, 1996. An alleged sighting took place of an extraterrestrial creature during the afternoon. What...