Category: Urban Legends

A humorous or horrific story or piece of information circulated as though true, especially one purporting to involve someone vaguely related or known to the teller.

Mad mannequins in the attic

Mad mannequins in the attic

When we store away things for safe keeping, we expect these things to be left there for later. What happens when things have been moved or misplaced. Is it merely our mind slipping from...

Headless Annie urban legend ghost Kentucky

Headless Annie ghost of Harlan County

This baffling and gruesome urban legend, takes place within the foothills and forests of Harlan County, Kentucky. What took place here, was one of the worst killings ever. The locals who live here are...

The Creepy Dolls

Mommy and daddy I can’t sleep

This urban legend originates with several creepy dolls, who were selected by a girl at a remote garage sale. The woman who sold the dolls, reportedly was unusual herself. Some believe that this woman...

Suicide portrait painting urban legend

The suicide portrait painting

This lesser known urban legend, begins with a young woman who took her own life. All of this began back during the early 2000’s. It was mentioned that a younger woman scanned and even...

Côco the ghostly spirit

Côco the ghastly goon spirit

From a piece of urban folklore, comes the tale about a pumpkin headed spirit, tormenting young children. This fabled ghostly creature, is comparable to that of the bogeyman. (Also spelled bogieman or boogie man)...

Urban Legend Donkey Lady Bridge

Legend of The Donkey Lady Bridge

During the 1970’s, an urban legend was started by people who encountered a woman who was horribly disfigured. Many referred to her as “The Donkey Lady”. The location where this happened, is in San...

Bragolin cursed paintings

Curse of the Crying Boys

He was born as Bruno Amadio in Vence, Italy back in 1911. Later, he became known as Giovanni Bragolin an Italian painter, who created works of art still revered today. He also was known...

Hairy hands of Dartmoor

The hairy hands of Dartmoor

Long ago, back in 1910…on a dark winters night, the first incident happened on a road located in the United Kingdom. This road was once known as Carter’s Road, named after the man who...

Clown and the babysitter

The babysitter and the clown

This urban legend dates back to the year 2011, when parents hired a babysitter to look after their two children—so they could go out for the night. She was new to babysitting for them....