Category: Urban Legends


The Devil’s Toy Box

Known simply as “The Devil’s Toy Box” this place is located in northern Louisiana. It resides in a remote area being inspired by the Clive Barker Hellraiser series of films. In actuality, it is...

female skinwalker

The skin-walkers

Deemed one of the most terrifying native American legends they are known as skin-walkers. These shape shifting witch doctors are able to roam freely altering their appearances. The Navajo Diné culture mentions a skin-walker...


Ghostly biker encounter

Some nights seem spooky when you are alone traveling down a long and windy road. These moments have been talked about over time. They are what is known as roadside ghosts. These entities seem...

corpse bride face

The Corpse Bride

The display is disturbing to some while fascinating to others. Located in Chihuahua, Mexico is one sight spectators have been coming to see since 1930. Known as the corpse bride, this mannequin stands upright...

The Bunny Man

Beware of the Bunny Man

It seems to be nothing more than an urban legend, however the mystery still surrounds what was known as the “Bunny Man”. It occurred back in 1970, when a man dressed as a bunny...