89 year old Yogi lives without eating or drinking

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Prahlad-Jani closeup

At the age of 7, Prahlad Jani was bestowed a rather unique ability, he left home beginning a quest for enlightenment. He claimed that when he was 12 years old, his true power began to happen. He can nourish himself without eating or drinking. Prahlad is an Indian Yogi who can survive on his own. He is now 89 years old and certainly has lived both an interesting and full life. Backed by claims made by medical Indian specialists, friends, family and strangers – it seems Prahlad Jani has reached no limits it seems.

Prahlad has survived over the course of several decades solely by what he claims to be heavenly nectar. This nectar was then poured through a hole in his palette by that of a goddess. This has baffled people and been proclaimed a rather unusual phenomenon.

Prahlad underwent a series of tests first back in 2003, returning to the same medical hospital. He then went through a series of unique and standardized tests. More tests were given to record readings from his unique body and how he is able to live and sustain himself. After these medical trials, Prahlad was in actuality, quite healthy.

Prahlad-Jani walking

Scientists have hoped since these tests were conducted, that Prahlad can tell them more about his unique ability. Prahlad practices Yogi, and perhaps some consider him to be that of a master. Yogi is widely used in a number of Indian religions. It is a transcendence of divine peace and serenity reaching the utmost higher meditation practices. The feminine form is known as yogini.

Often in the past, people can live for only certain periods of time. However, they had at least one resource in their body either some sort of liquid or food. Most people can only survive for a far lesser duration. It is important to realize, that every persons situation is different, many factors are involved as everyone responds differently.

In this case, Prahlad is extraordinary different from than rest of us in this way. Previously, most noteworthy cases have mentioned people fasting for upwards of 30 days, however during this time they still would drink water to keep themselves hydrated. The case of Prahlad Jani is definitely a unique one, it is simply unexplainable, within the medical world. The amazement of Prahlad Jani continues to impress the medical community. From his test results, Yogi’s body and brain are biologically comparable to that of a 25 year old.

Prahlad-Jani bed

After Prahlad returned to his home, not far away from Ambaji a place located in the state of Gujarat, India. Scientists hope that they have learned enough about him to find out what makes this Yogi tick. Within the community, Prahlad experiences a place filled with both historical, mythological and cultural heritages.

Perhaps these influences have given him a better understanding about our world and changed himself to a higher existence than any of us can imagine in this lifetime. It is rather miraculous that he doesn’t get his nourishment from food or water. A scientist named Sudhir Shah said that perhaps he lives off of light itself.

Prahlad-Jani studied

Another rather astonishing thing is between April 28th and May 6th Prahlad Jani was supervised by 30 different video cameras and scientists took notes. During this entire time, he didn’t eat anything or drink anything. The only thing he did was take one shower and cleaned his mouth out. He never went to the bathroom either to pass any urine or waste. Incredibly, the urine that was seen inside his bladder mysteriously disappeared into thin air, the same air which keeps him alive.

(Source: Oddity Central)

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