Aliens dropped off humans on Earth as prisoners scientists believe

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Alien Planet prison Earth

Mankind may well be prisoners of another worldly existence. It is believed by some, that people are prisoners of extraterrestrials from another galaxy altogether. Often people can feel like they are in a loop in time. Everything seems and feels repetitive for them each day—for their work and home life.

This may well explain the theory of the Mandela effect. The internet has numerous instances, of people remembering certain things differently than they really are. Perhaps a time tear happened and things weren’t placed back exactly just right.

It is believed that aliens may well be responsible for this. One theory by an ecologist from the USA mentions, that we as a species suffer from glaring problems such as back pain and sunburn. This would suggest, that human beings didn’t evolve alongside other known life on Earth. Were humans really dropped off by aliens on Earth itself? It is a far out fascinating concept, but it may well be true.

UFOs forest at night

Our planet Earth, may have evolved as a prison planet. Human beings are naturally aggressive to one another and to other species on Earth. This alone may explain the reason that aliens—elected to drop us off here on this planet. Maybe humans aren’t quite ready yet, to interact with other species of living things. Perhaps humans simply need more time, to become an advanced civilization.

A book by Dr. Ellis Silver titled: HUMANS ARE NOT FROM EARTH: A SCIENTIFIC EVALUATION OF THE EVIDENCE, suggests that aliens previously placed humans more recently in time. The estimation is tens of thousands of years ago. This explains why humans have varying degrees of defects on their body inside and out.

Dr. Ellis mentions that mankind is supposedly the most highly developed species on the planet, yet is surprisingly unsuited and ill-equipped for Earth’s environment: harmed by sunlight, a strong dislike for naturally occurring foods, ridiculously high rates of chronic disease, and more,” he says. Other mentions include a statement saying it is strange that babies have such large heads.

This makes childbirth more difficult for women and can sometimes result in fatalities for both the mother and infant. It seems that no other species on Earth has this problem. This points to another design flaw for the human anatomy. Is this a natural occurrence which happened over time?

Alien UFO flying in sky

We simply aren’t from this world, and that is why we suffer so. The entire theory does fill in some questions people have about their existence—while living on Earth. Perhaps when someone dies, they move onto another plane of existence and take with them—what they learned while living on Earth. When someone spots a UFO in the sky, it may well be a type of extraterrestrial prison guard or warden of some kind.

Also, some interactions with aliens may have some sort significance. Think about all those who have been abducted by aliens. Was there a divine reason for this? Did these people do something wrong or perhaps something right? Astral projection may even come into play, as some people have tapped into their other senses through dreams and their spirituality.

“The Earth approximately meets our needs as a species, but perhaps not as strongly as whoever brought us here initially thought,” Silver said in an interview with Yahoo news.

“I believe that many of our problems stem from the simple fact that our internal body clocks have evolved to expect a 25 hour day (this has been proven by sleep researchers), but the Earth’s day is only 24 hours. This is not a modern condition – the same factors can be traced all the way back through mankind’s history on Earth.”
“This suggests (to me at least) that mankind may have evolved on a different planet, and we may have been brought here as a highly developed species.”

“One reason for this, discussed in the book, is that the Earth might be a prison planet – since we seem to be a naturally violent species – and we’re here until we learn to behave ourselves.”

“The Earth approximately meets our needs as a species, but perhaps not as strongly as whoever brought us here initially thought.”

“Lizards can sunbathe for as long as they like. We can just about get away with it for a week or two. But day after day in the sun forget it. You might as well just lie down on the freeway and wait for a bus to hit you.”

This concept is rather interesting and certainly something to ponder over.

(Source: Newstimeliner)

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