Amateur Photographer Captures Ghostly Figure Outside Abandoned Mall

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This interesting photograph was taken in Ohio. A woman named Tonya Nester, was wandering around the village of North Randall. Here she was taking photographs of where the former Randall Park shopping mall used to be. Her friend noticed something strange in one of the photos, when they were looking back at them. They wondered if a ghost was floating around the former Randall Park Mall.

Randall Park shopping mall ghost

They later decided to send it to the local news station. Those who have seen this photograph, wonder if this was nothing more than trash floating in the air. It could have been a plastic bag possibly. However, whatever it is seems to have a blend of both thickness and transparency to it. This doesn’t seem like a bag, it appears more like an apparition of some kind.

Speculations about the origin of this ghost, include this being a shopper who may have died and wanted to return here. Maybe they were still looking for a deal. Randall Park Mall at one time was the largest mall in the world. It was built back in 1976 and opened back on July 4th. Eventually, the mall would close down in 2009. Later, the mall was demolished and turned into an industrial park back in 2014.  Amazon has since built a new distribution fulfillment center here.

“When my girlfriend’s cousin took the photo nothing was there but when she went home and viewed the photo, she saw a ghostly figure in the corner,” a friend of Nester’s said to the local news station.

The photo was initially shared on Twitter and skeptics scratched their heads over this one. Some mentioned this was nothing more than a smudge on a dirty car window. However, there are others who believe the abandoned mall is haunted by spirits. People also said they have seen ominous shadow figures darting around inside here. Tonya Nester believes that the figure is that of an angel.

Other locations have closed down over the years in the state of Ohio. This includes North Towne Square Mall in Toledo, Woodville Mall in Northwood and Rolling Acres Mall in Akron. Speculations are, these places may be haunted as well. This photo still remains a mystery yet is interesting to see.

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