Category: Angels

Protectors of the innocent, defending people and animals from harm. They are watchful guardian entities which have supernatural powers.

Angel at the river

Angel by the river

Sometimes you meet people in life who leave a lasting impression upon you. This time was special, as a man approached a couple along a river bank. The day was bright and beautiful, with...

Angel statues

Guardian angels walk among us

They have been sent from heaven to protect mankind. Sometimes they take the form as one of us, or even animals in certain moments. They are known as guardian angels. There are simply far...

Demon photographed in Arizona

Demon photographed in Arizona

What appears to be a demon, is seen walking the streets. The image has since gone viral from Facebook. This apparently took place recently in Phoenix, Arizona. The dark fiend is seen with wings...

Angelic protector

Astonishing angelic protectors

There are certain moments which simply can’t be explained. Somehow someone is saved and many believe it is a miracle. Perhaps it was performed by a guardian angel. These ancient protectors have been with...


Twin tower tribute reveals apparition

In remembrance of the fallen folks who died that fateful day—have been honored by a seemingly paranormal experience recently, when a Jesus-like figure appeared in a tribute light show display. The reason for this...