Budapest smile club

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It existed long ago in Budapest, Hungary. This is the capital city which is lesser known for hosting one of the most niche clubs to be a part of. What happened with those who suffered from depression—was quite bizarre. Those living in Budapest during World War I, struggled from extreme sadness leading to suicide.

It crippled the city as an epidemic, leading a large number of people to take their own life. On the other end of the spectrum, people living during this time came up with a rather interesting solution. They started “Smile Clubs”. These clubs helped people overcome their sadness just from smiling, helping them feel better about their daily life. Children smile 400 times a day by comparison to adults who smile only twenty times upon average.


Smiling has evolved for humans rather substantially, the part of the frontal cortex which helps us manage our communication and emotions has increased. We weigh in different scenarios and the consequences of them before taking any action. Smiling is one of the first things we do upon striking a new conversation—to let others know we are initially not a threat to them.

Originally, the first settlement of this territory was built by the Celts back before 1 AD. Afterward, this area was occupied by the Romans. It has certainly changed considerably over time.


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