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Pleiadian alien females sexually assault Australian man

A man named Peter Khoury had a bizarre experience on July 23, 1992, in Sydney, Australia. He later released a book about it titled “Hair of the Alien”. Peter was involved with several Nordic-like aliens, who both telepathically and sexually assaulted him. He recalls the encounter as very unusual. Later, he went public with his

Disturbing film footage found inside old wooden box

Knowing you have found something dark and disturbing, can easily give someone nightmares. A man known as Chad, found something quite sinister, after moving into a studio apartment in New York. Chad was in dire need of some new furniture for his place. He found a man on Craigslist, who was desperately ready to get

California alien abduction captured by GoPro camera

This fascinating footage, allegedly is from an alien abductee from January 3rd, 2018. This video description, mentions that this entire encounter was captured by a voice activated GoPro camera. However, one comment made mention, that GoPro cameras don’t have analog glitches as seen. Regardless of this, the footage seen, is disturbing to watch. Music and

The infamous UFO cow abduction video

This old video, appears to show a cow being taken by some sort of illuminated UFO, hovering in the sky. From what is known about this, it dates back to 1983. It has been simply labelled UFO cow abduction or other variations thereof. The video is bizarre and most people who have watched it, simply