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Man accused of necrophilia in Georgia

A very disturbing thought, however people are actually doing this. It isn’t anything new, yet morally wrong on so many different levels. They are known as necrophiliacs, these people have an intense sexual feeling towards a deceased person. There have been both male and female cases involving this. The American Psychiatric Association mentions this strange

Illuminating the Illuminati

In the deep dark corners of society exists some of the worst kind of torture and sacrifices to get ahead in the entertainment industry. They range from musicians to actors along with others. Some of their self expressions have manifested themselves into their work with music videos as an example. Only those who seek the

Shades of Death road

According to legends and lore do not take a road located in Warren County, New Jersey which runs south from interstate 80. This particular road goes by another name called Shades of Death road. Why it got its name is from numerous reports of ghostly sightings among a history of death and destruction. It seems

Clowns luring kids into the woods

While in other times, people and their children would play outside more often. Things have changed in recent times. It seems that parents will have to keep a more watchful eye, out for their little ones. There are creepy clowns lurking in the woods. What their intentions are is anyone’s best guess. They are more

Women abducted by alien lizards

We all have heard about extraterrestrials but what if they were really us after-all? This is what some people believe as more of them are coming forward with this new found information. They are a unique tribe believing they were abducted by aliens or perhaps us from the very future. This group of people claim