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Alien abduction photos captured on cell phone

So many stories have been mentioned about alien abductions. Nothing has been documented well perhaps not until now. A woman from Ontario, Canada claims she actually has photographs of an extraterrestrial encounter. There are a total of 40 or so pictures, yet only 10 were shared online. The anonymous woman claims she was in her

Past life children

Perhaps you have heard of déjà vu—when a certain moment feels like it has happened before. This is exactly what some children have reported experiencing. Children are usually direct and to the point when they mention they are hungry, tired or want something. Although they are not yet adults, the early development for them is

The Allagash Abduction

  This incident happened many years ago, four men (two of them brothers) would experience something that would change their lives forever. Known as “The Allagash Abduction”, these men would find out something otherworldly would shape the rest of their lives. This story was featured on both the Unsolved Mysteries television series and The History

The Jamison family

This perplexing case is still shrouded by mystery. The Jamison family simply vanished without a trace initially back in October of 2009. Many clues point to foul play and some sort of abduction initiated. The remains of both Bobby age 44 and Sherilyn 40 have been found. Their 6 year old daughter Madyson so far

The Deep Web darkness

Lurking within the darkest part of the internet is the deep web. Here you will find an array of underworld offerings at your fingertips. Tread carefully using special browsers and keep yourself anonymous as you are exposed to a rather dangerous environment online. There are countless stories about the deep web. Some of them seem