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NASA Camera Captures Green Extraterrestrial On Mars

While it appears to resemble that of a smaller sized lizard, it also seems to have the head of a typical grey alien also referred to as the Zeta Reticulans. It’s body color has been recorded as being green. The Mars anomaly seems to not have any kind of hair and large dark eyes. If

Did Grey Aliens Make A Deal With The Government?

One theory about grey aliens coming to Earth and making a deal with the government, has been a belief for a while now. This likely originated after the infamous Roswell crash back in 1947. An obsession has taken over ever since and people have only further been intrigued about this. They want real proof of

Scientists Say Alien Probes Have Been Spying On Earth

While it is controversial, a number of scientists believe that Earth has been spied upon for quite some time. James Benford is a physicist and independent researcher. He is associated with SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence). Last year, at a conference held in Houston, he spoke about the theory that our very world, has been bugged

The Most Popular FBI File In History Points To Aliens Among Us

The file in question, dates back to March 22, 1950. It is a memo authored by Guy Hottel. He was once head of the field office located in Washington, D.C. Many of these memos during this time period, were addressed to then Director J. Edgar Hoover and were recorded and indexed within the FBI records

Shocking: Retired Air Force Major Said He Killed A Real Alien

Typically people have different encounters regarding aliens. Some have seen them, while others have allegedly been abducted by them. This time around, one retired Air Force Major said he shot and killed an actual alien entity.  He released a book about this remarkable encounter and while some may find it difficult to believe, Major George