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Second Sphinx Found In Egypt

Quite recently in Egypt, a second sphinx was discovered. When engineers and other crew were digging, they stumbled upon a lion’s body with a human head. It is believed that the solar deity Sekhmet was a lioness. This is why a lion was used as representation on the statue. The digging project, was originally intended

Nine-Foot Tall Giants Found Near Giza Pyramids

An unusual catch was discovered by MrMBB333 on YouTube, who posted images of larger than normal men wandering the streets of Egypt. Some have speculated, that these images are in fact proof of the Anunnaki, returning to our planet in some shape, way or form. The Anunnaki, are a group of deities that appear in

Mummified Foot Long Finger Found

A discovery made in Egypt, that has since made many question our very history. The question is, whether or not giant sized people once roamed the Earth? Perhaps quite possibly, there are a few remaining descendants, left lingering somewhere. Far fetched? Maybe not. There is actual evidence, which has been presented previously…dating all the way

Chinese Shopkeeper Keeps Dragon Man Bones

A bizarre few photographs remained a mystery for some time, until a reader from the site Week In Weird, commented about it. The bones seen, have been speculated to be the remains of some kind of human dragon hybrid or are alien in origin. In different cultures, such as in east India, naga serpents are

Early restored map depicts lizard-men, unicorns and mermen

Life of early settlers and travelers, was quite dangerous and many didn’t reach their final destination. Because of this, people believed and still do, about different types of mythical creatures that possibly once existed. Evidence of these beliefs, is portrayed in an early map depiction, displaying the world first rendered by any artist or series