Bigfoot Archive

Nurse snaps photo of Bigfoot

While driving by, a woman took a rather interesting photograph. She claims this is a real Bigfoot snapshot. Originally uploaded on January 11, 2015. This Sasquatch appears to be walking near a fence. It was taken in winter. Perhaps this Bigfoot was out scouring for food. The location is in Lorain County, Ohio in a

GoPro dog captures Bigfoot on camera

Not much is known about this video, other than it was uploaded last year in August of 2015. The up loader on YouTube only mentioned that they were with a group of people scouting out exchange 30 for the Hood to Coast race. One volunteer strapped a GoPro camera to their dog. As they wandered

Bigfoot sighting in Vicksburg

It seems in rural Vicksburg, Mississippi a big foot sighting happened. Yet once again, no photography was taken. However, there seems to be a footprint left behind which measured 9 inches long. The city area population has around 24,000 people. There are some remote spots surrounding this city. Across the world in such places as