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Bigfoot family

Sasquatch family photo taken in Arizona

Native American tribes have told stories of Bigfoot type creatures for centuries. Perhaps this picture taken in Arizona demonstrates some sort of evidence of this. The Arizona Department of Transportation released this photograph and...

big foot mars

Bigfoot spotted on Mars and skull found

There are many claims about things appearing on planet Mars. Some are nothing but mere illusions however, sometimes things may need another look. It seems from a photograph taken by NASA—revealed what appears to...


Sasquatch spotted in Tofino Canada

A Sasquatch has been spotted in Canada, some news footage was taken to capture what appears to be a beastly being roaming through the woodlands leaving a trail of footprints behind. As it appears,...


Bigfoot seen on Michigan eagle nest camera

Incredibly, it seems a Bigfoot was captured high above from an eagle nest camera. This footage shows what looks like a hairy ape walking upright. There are only several conclusions to this, the first...


Two men spot a pair of Sasquatch

Several men went on an expedition and what they found was something spectacular. The sighting happened in Guilford County, North Carolina January of this year. The area has a pretty healthy population of around...