Bigfoot Archive

Canadian family films Bigfoot alongside roadway

Apparently, a family from Canada, were all out for a country drive in Craven, Saskatchewan. This area is located northeast of Lumsden, Saskatchewan in the Qu’Appelle Valley. The location resides between the remote rural municipalities of Longlaketon No. 219 and Lumsden No. 189. There aren’t too many people who live out here, with a population

Boy films Bigfoot in his backyard

An 11 year old boy used his video camera to capture an apparent Bigfoot in his backyard. This occurred back on October 16th of 2010. Since it was originally posted online, it has remained one of the best Bigfoot sighting videos to date. It is unknown the exact location this took place, but it is

Southern Sasquatch encountered by several officers in Virginia

Not long ago, in southern Albemarle county Virginia, a Sasquatch was spotted strolling along the banks of the Howardsville Bridge area. A photograph was taken and there is enough detail to display what appears to be a bipedal upright beast, wandering near the waters edge. This apparently happened on Thursday July 6th not long after

Bigfoot with baby captured on video in wilderness

This video dates back to 2013, when someone came across a Bigfoot and its baby in the wilderness. The ape-like creature seen is reminiscent of the famous 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film. Where exactly this happened isn’t known. However, its stature and size are quite comparable to other sightings. Bigfoot (Sasquatch) are typically fairly tall, ranging from

Hunter get’s deer stolen by Bigfoot in Hobart Bay, Alaska

There have been many encounters reported about Bigfoot over the years, however this one is kind of different. A hunter was out one day on his typical deer hunting expedition located in Hobart Bay, Alaska. This hunter is familiar with the territory, as they have previously wandered through this part of back country. The hunter