Bigfoot Archive

Sasquatch spotted and recorded by Todd Standing

An incredible video shows what appears to be a Sasquatch captured on video. The infamous man behind the lens is Bigfoot hunter and enthusiast Todd Standing. His legitimacy is in question regarding the protectors of the forest known as Bigfoot. Many people have wondered for years—whether or not Sasquatch (Bigfoot) actually exists. This video footage,

Pot Sasquatch captured on camera in Massachusetts

While a reporter from Springfield, Massachusetts was broadcasting on the channel 22 storm team newscast, they were photo bombed by a mini Bigfoot. This time around, it was that of a “Pot Sasquatch”. This foolish fiend, decided to slip past the cameras. Maybe it was on its way to a warm meal, past the local

Sasquatch family photo taken in Arizona

Native American tribes have told stories of Bigfoot type creatures for centuries. Perhaps this picture taken in Arizona demonstrates some sort of evidence of this. The Arizona Department of Transportation released this photograph and afterward various conspiracy theories began to surface. The photo was taken by a highway patrol camera. Although the image is distorted, there

Trail camera captures Bigfoot in Sequoia National Forest

An astounding video has emerged showing only a glimpse of a Bigfoot, which stumbled upon a video surveillance trail camera in the Sequoia National Forest. The location is in the southern Sierra Nevada mountains of California. This area is populated with many giant-sized Sequoia trees, the area has 38 distinctive groves within the boundaries of

Bigfoot spotted on Mars and skull found

There are many claims about things appearing on planet Mars. Some are nothing but mere illusions however, sometimes things may need another look. It seems from a photograph taken by NASA—revealed what appears to be a Bigfoot wandering on Mars. It is distinctive enough to see in an outline which resembles the fabled creature. Where