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Sasquatch spotted in Tofino Canada

A Sasquatch has been spotted in Canada, some news footage was taken to capture what appears to be a beastly being roaming through the woodlands leaving a trail of footprints behind. As it appears, this North American folklore tale has perhaps finally been exposed. The Sasquatch has been wandering around Vancouver Island. A number of

Bigfoot seen on Michigan eagle nest camera

Incredibly, it seems a Bigfoot was captured high above from an eagle nest camera. This footage shows what looks like a hairy ape walking upright. There are only several conclusions to this, the first it being a fake with someone in a suit and the other an actual Bigfoot (Sasquatch) wandering through the area. All

Two men spot a pair of Sasquatch

Several men went on an expedition and what they found was something spectacular. The sighting happened in Guilford County, North Carolina January of this year. The area has a pretty healthy population of around 500,000 people. However, where these men spotted these Sasquatch is a much smaller area with around 4,000 people who call this

The elusive Yeti

Known to have been sighted throughout various parts of the world including: Nepal, Bhutan, China, Mongolia and Russia. These large ape-like cryptid creatures stand at least average human height. Some of them have been reported to be larger and stronger according to different legends and lore. An American television crew claimed to have discovered large

The Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot footage

It is one of the most controversial videos of Bigfoot ever. This footage was taken back in October 20th, 1967 capturing what appears to be a large hairy beast walking on two legs. Known as a Sasquatch, a name given to a crypt-id ape- or hominid-like creatures. These creatures fall under the realm of Cryptozoology.