Black Eyed Children Archive

Ouija board will be used to summon forth Black-Eyed Children

While a number of people have reportedly encountered Black-Eyed Children, there are some who believe, they are some kind of interdimensional entities, which transform themselves into the appearance of children. This is believed to fear people away, as these Black-Eyed Children have alternative motives. One theory is, that they will body snatch someone, taking over

Encounters with the black eyed children

Known for their disturbing persona, they have been best described as something otherworldly in appearance. Specifically, their eyes, clothes and skin seem awkward when someone encounters them. They are the black eyed children, these unusually behaved children have caused people to even get cancer. Most of the encounters with them, have affected peoples lives forever.

Beware of the Black-Eyed children

They may seem innocent enough, but they are quite deceptive in their motives. They are known as Black-eyed children. These children between the ages of 8 to 16 appear somewhat normal – until further seeing that they are actually quite different. Their eyes are pitch-black and their skin is pale or pasty colored, described as

Black-Eyed children entered my home

They have been reported about appearing in different places around the world. While they are young in appearance, they may be something else entirely. Known for their odd encounters, people have been mentioning them more each year. They are Black-Eyed children. What exactly they are is still up for debate. Some believe they are extraterrestrial