Creepy Archive

Boys transform inside dark basement

During a dark night years ago, friends discovered an old abandoned home in the woods. Reluctant to enter at first, they continued on and entered this old run-down home the very next day. At the time, they didn’t realize just how this would impact their lives. Scouring the place, they came across the basement. It

The doll that aged terribly well

When people collect things, sometimes they can go overboard with their passions. However, sometimes a certain object holds its value to the owner. What if, this object was a doll that actually seemed to age like a human being? Would someone actually keep it? Or, would they throw it out with today’s trash? These are

Creepy photos from the past

Sometimes during the dark, certain things can come out to play. They may seem rather normal to some and to others something else entirely. The following photographs were taken from yesterdays past and demonstrate just how weird life was…for people from previous generations. Some of these seem innocent enough, but are downright creepy to look

6 Creepy phone numbers not to call

While there are so many mysterious unknown things which happen each and every day. There are many things that the general public, simply doesn’t know about. And, there are many unexplained phone numbers which exist, for a number of different reasons. Many of them are downright creepy, to say the least. Here is a list