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Friends Find Grey Pale Humanoid Inside Of Sewers

While several friends were out and about walking towards a nearby park to hang out, they came across a sewer system there. Being rather naive, they decided to explore this location. A large grate covered the sewers but the bars were bent open. The opening was big enough to squeeze through. The guy explained that

Multiple Bundles Of Hair Were Found Around Santa Barbara

Talk about a hairy situation…likely this was an accident of sorts or a statement of some kind. An unexplained mystery has yet to be answered…as bundles of hair were scattered around Santa Barbara, California. Some of the locations where these bundles were found, were spread across different areas.  Among the locations included the Mesa Shopping

Paranormal Investigator Dials 911 After Hearing Unexplained Graveyard Voice

It happened in Springhill Township located in Pennsylvania, which has a population of around 2,800 people. One paranormal investigator decided to call 911 out of fear for life. Frantically, they reached for their phone as they glanced around a cemetery. Some might think they were only seeking attention, but this investigator claims that something non-human

Woman Claims She Was Given A Haunted Mannequin Head

A woman from Singapore, recently claimed she was given a haunted mannequin head. The outrageously weird incident changed her life. When Nadie Othman bought something else through a marketplace app, she had no idea what else was included. The seller did mention to her that they were going to include some extra beauty items free