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Giant junkyard worm

Each community has its fair share of trash, we have to get rid of the useless junk lying around our homes that seem to just pile up after a while. A typical spring cleaning will even do. After this, its time to get the stuff outta here and to the junkyard. Going to a dump

Beware of the lizardmen

A strange event took place in Lee county South Carolina back on June 29th in 1988. What was seen by Chris Davis was unlike anything else known to date. His report describes a half-man half-lizard walking upright. It shocked and scared him the moment he witnessed it. Chris was just 16 years old at the

Small creature wanders Turkish streets

Wandering the streets at night was a rather unusual creature standing a mere foot tall. Some speculation is that this is a balloon simply floating around. Another guess is this could be a puppet on a string. However, it may be something else entirely. Some speculation is this is a penguin wobbling along the dark

The Iceland Worm Monster

It is quite cold here yet very captivating, the country of Iceland is 103,000 kilometers in size with a population of around 325,671 people. Of those people, Hjortur Kjerulf spotted a serpent-like creature resembling something from mythology in the Jokulsa river of Fljotsdal valley. The lake itself is 25 miles long and 367 feet deep