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The Ghostly Story Of Mary K. Schlais

It is unfortunate when someone unexpectedly loses their life. Everyone has a purpose to be here. One young woman named Mary K. Schlais, was only 25 years old when she lost her life. The University of Minnesota graduate, was both artistic and talented. However, her life was taken away from her on February 15, 1974. 

Lost Hiker Says Ancestral Spirits Saved His Life

A man ventured out into the wilderness and unknowingly lost his way. His name is Soong Rui-xiong and he believes that ancestral spirits saved his life. They guided him back towards safety.  While exploring a path in the wild, his cell phone died leaving him without any kind of navigation. Eventually, a massive search took

Ghostly Photo Taken Outside Second Floor Restaurant Window

Whatever this was, it didn’t appear to be human. A rather interesting photograph was taken outside of a restaurant named Bertha’s Mussels located in Baltimore, Maryland. This restaurant serves up seafood and also is a tavern. The place has been around since 1972. It is best known for the mussels and live music performances. However,

Spectres Continue To Appear Along A Scotland Highway Road

The road has been well regarded as one of the most haunted places in the world. Many have seen spooky spectres appear here as they drive. Annan Road, A75 Kinmount Straight is a roadway that reaches through Dornock.  At some point, there was talk of Scottish officials improving the road, but they believe the restless