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Raggedy Ann Doll Sends Shivers From Scotland

Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls have been around for years. This one seen in the video, looks no different, except it seems to move its left arm while being recorded on camera. The location this happened in, is a charity shop in Anstruther, Scotland. It is here, where people donate goods to further raise money,

Do People’s Cremation Ashes Invite Them to Stay?

A morbid thought, yet an intriguing one. Some believe, that when someone dies and their body has been cremated, their spirit seems to linger longer in this world. Quite typically, people are buried in cemeteries when they die. However, for whatever different reasons, some are cremated. Due to burial costs or the wishes of the

Doll So Haunted Owners Move Her Wearing Hazmat Suit

Sometimes objects can become a fixation for a spirit to manifest into. Dolls and puppets are often the focus. The reason for this is seems simple enough. Perhaps because they are shaped similarly to that of a human, a spirit can enter this object, taking control of it. For how long, isn’t known either. A

The Faceless Hitchhiker of Ohio

Believed to be one of the most frightening places in all of Ohio, an intersection has set people scared. Not only during the night, have people reportedly seen a humanoid figure without a face, but during the daytime, people have seen vultures circling this area as well. Why this particular location is unknown, as it

Haunting s of the Sutro Baths Ruins

Located along the westside of San Francisco, is an interesting yet rather bizarre location. Along the cliffside area, are the remains of what was known as the Sutro Baths Ruins. It is here, where rumors of ghosts wandering the hillside can still be seen to date. People have reported seeing ghosts both inside and out