Haunted Archive

Possessed Teddy Bear crawls by itself onto sleeping child

Seen in this video, appears to be something unexplainable. Unless strings were used or another method, this child’s teddy bear (a stuffed animal toy), seemingly gets up and crawls on top of a sleeping child. The object doesn’t appear to be motorized, by what is seen in the video. It’s movements are more fluid, methodical

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, a haunted location

First settled by English homesteaders that relocated from New England, a cemetery has become something of a spectacle. Over time, there have been numerous sightings reported about. Ghostly apparitions have been seen, scouring the entire area. It is unknown, why there is so much paranormal activity happening here. Perhaps it is some kind of inter-dimensional

Freaky Portuguese mansion haunts its visitors

Located in Portugal, is a retreat treat. Known for its shocking good times. Visitors here, experience scary encounters at the Quinta Nova da Assuncao mansion, near Lisbon. They don’t know what to expect next. This location, provides a rather ominous background to scare folks who frequent here. The actors that have worked here, have mentioned

The haunted wedding dress

A woman named Anna Baker, let her heart lead her to the man of her dreams. However, her father, didn’t want her to marry a man of such poverty. Anna begged and pleaded with her father Elias, that this man, was the one she was meant to be with. However, her father wanted her to

The haunted mirror of morality

Located in a remote area of Baton Rouge, Louisiana is a 200 year old plantation home, with a rather haunting history. Previously, this 10-acre plantation (aside from being lived in as a home) was also used as a bed and breakfast as well. It has since become a hotspot for paranormal hunters and enthusiasts alike.