Category: Strange

Monkey with mask

Monkeys wearing masks

  Far off in the eastern city of Jakarta which is located in Indonesia is a rather unusual spectacle happening. Monkeys with masks are captivating bystanders. This section of the city is considered the...

800 pound woman

Woman loses 800 pounds

We all struggle with weight loss. It is something many people deal with each and every day. It is about the sheer will power to succeed and completely change oneself. Imagine being 1100 pounds and...

Atlas robot with friends

Revelation of robots

We have all seen science fiction films showing different robots. Perhaps one of the most famous of them is actor Arnold Schwarzenegger portraying the T-800 Model 101. Portrayed as both a foe and friend...

Woman marries dog

Young woman marries a dog

  An 18 year old young woman named Mangli decided to marry a local stray dog. The rather bizarre ritual took place in India at a small village located in the eastern Indian state...

Carlos Rodriguez

Halfy the Half-Head man

He goes by several names, but most people know him best as Half-Head man (Halfy). Carlos Sousa aka Carlos Rodriguez is his given name. Carlos (Halfy) was in a terrible accident which happened to...

Doña Leandra Becerra Lumbreras

The eldest elder

Time changes us we experience many things in our lifetime. People suffer and they persevere. Often we get complacent in what we do each day. Throughout history, there have been people who walked further...