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Evil Looking Spirit Photographed While Soldier Poses In Iraq

This rather intriguing photograph seems to show an unknown entity standing in the background when a soldier posed for the camera. It was taken back on August 8th, 2007 inside the COB (Central Operating Base). This location is believed to previously have been the Basra Airport, located in the south west and is located near

Unsettling Dark Figure Recorded In Tennessee Forest

Since the video was posted by James Jones on YouTube, people have since wondered what this figure might be. Is this some kind of paranormal type entity such as a demon? Perhaps it is a forest protector of sorts rarely ever seen. Most people think this is nothing more than a fallen tree, that resembles

A Young Woman Named Maria Talarico Became Possessed To Solve A Murder

Back in the year 1936, the body of a young man named Giuseppe Veraldi was found under the Catanzaro bridge in Catanzaro, Italy. Intriguingly, he had a large sized wound upon his head. Police initially thought the wound was caused from Giuseppe’s head striking the rocks below the bridge. His body was first considered a

There Was Something Evil In The Woods With Us

A reader named Jasmine shared her story on the site Anomalien recently. She went on to explain when she was 17 years old, she went camping with her family. This wasn’t the best day as the weather soon took a turn for the worse. They decided to seek shelter at the families old cabin in