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There Was Something Outside My Window

An anonymous person shared their story. Normally, they don’t believe in ghosts or anything else like that. However, on this night, things would be different for them. It was getting darker and the day was overcast mostly. She explained her dog was around this evening. This woman’s husband worked late night hours and his shift

Lady Records Darkened Manifestation By Her Hallway Door

While it’s difficult to see much detail, a lady managed to capture something most unusual peering out from one of the rooms of her home. Her dogs even seem to be alert to something manifesting at that very moment, as seen in the video. What exactly was this thing captured on video? People think it’s

Some Children Are Psychically Connected With The Dead

It has been said that children have no fear when it comes to things they don’t understand. This holds true for when they come across those who are no longer here, in a physical sense anyway. Often it is thought that children are able to see manifestations, like apparitions where they tread.    Why is this

I Was Scratched By The Dead

This person only known as “Alli” decided to share their bizarre encounters, after being scratched by the dead a number of times. For whatever reason, they have stirred up a restless soul. Thinking back upon their life they always thought there was something wrong with them. It was as if they had a mental illness