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Unknown Video Shows Strange Creature Moving Alongside Road At Night

This rather strange video lasts for only a mere 10 seconds. However, what is seen hasn’t been determined yet. Some think this is a skunk with its tail pointed upright. Skunks hop and raise their tails when they feel threatened. Others are not so sure, they think this might be an unidentified creature of some

Friends Find Grey Pale Humanoid Inside Of Sewers

While several friends were out and about walking towards a nearby park to hang out, they came across a sewer system there. Being rather naive, they decided to explore this location. A large grate covered the sewers but the bars were bent open. The opening was big enough to squeeze through. The guy explained that

Google Earth User Discovered Mysterious Disc-Shaped Object In Antarctica

Whatever it is, this doesn’t appear to be a natural formation. It looks smooth and more manufactured by comparison. One Google Earth user managed to spot this while browsing around online. It was later discovered that Elena Andrade commented about this strange looking mystery object. She posted on YouTube, “Mysterious images captured by Google Earth,