Urban Legends Archive

The babysitter and the clown

This urban legend dates back to the year 2011, when parents hired a babysitter to look after their two children—so they could go out for the night. She was new to babysitting for them. Perhaps the previous sitter left for the same reason, as there was something unnerving about this home. She felt like she

The Florida Squallies

Buried deep within the Florida Everglades, is a residential area known as the Golden Gate Estates. It is here that the Rosen family from the 1960’s, developed a land scheme to cash in upon. Portions of the property stretched for miles without any homes ever being constructed. Known as Alligator Alley, a portion of this

Werewolf encounter in the Bronx

Picture the year 1913, it is a cold wintry evening in the streets of New York City. Not far from the Mosholu Parkway, something quite unusual was lurking in the shadows. This urban legend mentions an illuminating werewolf type creature wandering the streets at night. Utter nonsense some people believe, but by those who saw

Goatman found in the woods

This photo has been floating around for a while now, it shows what appears to be a goat-man. Supposedly, this part man beast is that of a scientist who previously experimented on goats. As fate would have it, his experiments then backfired on him—freakishly turning him into a half-goat monstrosity. This freak of nature then

Legends of the Mapinguari

These menacing monsters have roamed the jungles of Brazil. Their origination is from tribal lore. There are eyewitness reports of these creatures known as Mapinguari (pronounced ma-ping-wahr-EE). Each eyewitness report are from loggers and tribal members. These things are so incredibly rare, they have only been seen by a few people. What the witnesses have