Ontario Woman Charged With “Fake Witchcraft”

The witches name is Tiffany Butch and she was charged (with just two days left) for what the law could arrest her for. The complaints against her include that of fraud, after allegedly casting a curse on someone, only to demand money for the removal of the curse afterwards. Tiffany is a self-proclaimed spiritualist, medium and clairvoyant.

According to Timmins police, 33 year old Tiffany Butch was demanding money to avert a dreadful type event from happening. This all happened back on December 11th. A mere 2 days later, Section 365 of the Criminal Code was implemented. This code prohibited the pretending to practise witchcraft. Her charge was formally repealed later.

Tiffany Butch charged with witchcraft Ontario Canada

Tiffany Butch goes by another name, she is known as the “White Witch of the North”. Now, she will forever be known as the very last person to be charged in Canada for this offense. Tiffany was formally charged back on December 1st by the police.

Marc Depatie, who is a spokesperson from the Timmins police force said, “That’s why police and the Crown attorneys keep ancient, or aged, versions of the Criminal Code on hand, to see what laws apply.” There are books and records that include offenses from the past, including but not limited to sexual type behaviors as well. The department wanted to remind people to be wary about “extravagant claims of impending danger”. This includes anyone claiming to be a mystic having clairvoyant type powers.

Marc also noted, this particular charge was nearly ready to be scrubbed away from the Criminal Code. However, it was not the decision for the charge to be made against her. There were elements of the case “best captured” by the section of the Criminal Code, in consultation with the local Crown attorney’s office.

He also said, “(In) this particular set of circumstances, the person gave them a sense of foreboding that a dreadful thing was about to happen to their family at some point … (that) they should provide them with financial compensation so they could perform some sort of mystical service that would prevent that from happening.”

Tiffany now plans to get a lawyer, so that she can fight back the charge made against her. Her court case is scheduled for January 22, 2019.

(Source: CBC Canada)

Human Remains Facebook Post, Leads Police To Gay Witches Arrest

It took place several years ago, when a 24 year old woman named Devon Marie Machuca aka “Ender Darling” posted online. She used sites such as Facebook, in attempts to sell real human bones taken from a graveyard. Customers of hers, were eager to purchase human bones to be used in possible witchcraft incantations.

Ender Darling

A post appeared on the Facebook group known as the Queer Witch Collective (QWC). Members of this 2000+ secret group collect human bones from “poor man’s graveyard” located within their neighborhood.

The bones taken, were from Holt Cemetery located in New Orleans. Seen often in graveyards after it rains, are the remains of femurs, teeth, jaws and skull caps among other skeletal remains. In this location, there are many above ground graves due to the terrain and history of the area.

This bizarre incident took place back around December 8th of 2015 leading to the arrest of Devon Marie Machuca. The witch commented saying, “You can literally walk around, see femurs, teeth, jaws, skull caps, etc. This is where I go to find my bones for curse work and general spells that require bone.”

One of the photos posted online appeared to display 13 human bones and 3 teeth. ABC News later reached out to the then 24 year old practicing witch for further commentary. Since the incident happened, Devon Marie Machuca has been threatened and received a lot of backlash over her grave robbing.

Devon did mention that she has ties to this particular graveyard, stating the following:

“I’m from New Orleans too, and I live there too,” Darling said. “I have family members buried in that graveyard too. So, y’all can stop treating my like some tourist that came out of nowhere, that’s what you can do. I know human bones aren’t easy to come by,” Darling added, “and I usually have left overs.”

It is believed in witchcraft, that human bones emit more energy than animal bones. This is why they are in higher demand within the blackmarket witchcraft community. It seemed that Devon (Ender Darling) was anxious to find out if people were interested. She wanted to test out the market, to see if shipping bones would be a lucrative business model for her.

Several of Darling’s former roommates, said they had nothing to do with Darling’s bone collection or any other related rituals. One of them said, “I think she thought she had way more power than she actually had.”

“I wasn’t selling anything,” Darling said. “It was, ‘You cover how much it takes to ship it.’ This is me passing along something I feel nature has given me. I don’t want money for this.”

According to court documents, a search warrant was later initiated by Darling’s Mid-City house. Afterward, investigators found a fish-type bowl with 11 human bones and 4 teeth inside of it. The State Attorney General’s Office began investigating the case. Who knows what came out of it. However, there were four known investigators who conducted  “periodic surveillances” at Darling’s Solomon Street home over a six-day period back in January of 2015.

Investigators later subpoenaed all correspondence from Darling’s Facebook profiles. This resulted in 12,000 pages of information. She primarily was acting alone but also with a roommate dating back to November 16th.

Neighborhood watch groups have since been established to watch out for graveyard robbers and other illegal type activities in this area.

(Source: ABC News Now and Broadly Vice)

Witch Performs Exorcism After Demonic Car Crash

A self-proclaimed witch, decided to cleanse the area where a car crash happened. Using her arcane knowledge, she perform rituals and practices using both herbs and the heads of dolls – to rid away any dark demonic forces, that may have lingered behind.

This happened back in 2017, in Reforma, Mexico on March 30. A BMW automobile, was totaled after the driver along with 3 passengers were all fatally killed. The driver had been drinking heavily and this witch thinks more was involved that meets the eye. Known as Zulema the witch, she feels that a demonic entity was responsible for this tragedy.

Zulema the witch performs exorcism in Mexico

Zulema quickly made headlines when this happened. The ritual left many people scratching their heads over this. Not long after, Zulema quickly gained some notoriety. Performing a ritual such as this, would certainly attract attention. When asked about her exorcism practice by the media…Zulema said, “The speed they were driving was more of a supernatural power rather than a drunk with their foot on the petal.”

Police at the scene were skeptical and think it was nothing more than an alcohol related death for the four who died that day. It is believed that BMW drivers, are often possessed by something in this culture. Maybe this is because they choose to flaunt their wealth, as a status symbol. It makes one a wonder how they gained their fortune in the first place. Perhaps a dark practice or sacrifice was used.

When Zulema performed this demonic cleansing, she also used a black candle along with turpentine to ward away any demonic spirits, that may have been left behind. It seems in recent times, there has been more of a demand for exorcisms. This may be the result in the decline of Christian faith and the internet providing easy access to black magic, the occult and Satanism comparably. Quite incredibly, now priests are carrying out exorcisms with their mobile phones.

Zulema insists that this accident was not only by human hands but by something else entirely. Many factors can come into play when things like this happen. In our world, we are challenged by both good and bad forces. For whatever reason, certain people attract one or the other. Each decision that we make in our lives, will have a direct effect on not only ourselves but others around us. We must be diligent in what we do each day and be responsible for our actions.

(Source: Watcher of the Dawn and Mirror)

Druid witch stabbed by neighbor for noises and smells

This incident occurred recently in Alderholt, Dorset. A woman who lives next door to a cult-like environment, decided she had enough. Using an umbrella, Mrs. Denyer age 52 lunged at her neighbor John Bennett known by his Pagan name “Bearheart”. Mr. Denyer age 56, grabbed a carving knife from their kitchen and stabbed at John (Bearheart).

Druid witch John Bennett attacked

The short jab strike, struck John towards the lower part of his chest. The knife didn’t penetrate his abdomen area. However, he did suffer some superficial injuries. John’s belly is larger due to him being a bigger man. This helped him from being further injured in this instance.

The attack took place during a back garden ceremony held by John. These types of ceremonies, involve chanting and the rhythmic beating of drums. John and his fellow believers practice such festivities every full moon cycle.

After this incident, both Mr. and Mrs. Denyer were found guilty of unlawful wounding. A trial was later held at Bournemouth Crown Court. The couple were given suspended prison sentences by a judge, after recognizing the couple were fed up with intolerable noises coming from next door.

Image: Mark Denyer and Mrs Denyer

Image: Mark Denyer and Mrs Denyer

Judge Fuller accepted that the Denyers intended to do serious harm to their neighbour. Because of this, he sentenced Mr. Denyer to 10 months in prison – suspended for a year and 130 hours of unpaid work. Mrs. Denyer, was given a six month suspended sentence and 100 hours of unpaid work.

Fuller went on to say, “You are of previous good character, you had gone to Hillbury Park for the tranquility and had no doubt led blameless and hardworking lives up until this particular point. This was clearly out of temper and frustration at the intolerable noises coming yet again from your neighbor’s garden.”

Mr. Denyer works as a lorry driver and due to the noises, he has had many restless nights. Other residents have reported strange noises and smells coming from John Bennett’s garden area.

Druid gathering drum circle

One neighbor who wished to remain anonymous said, “We sometimes heard odd, not normal, music and smells like joss sticks and things. John has a personalised number plate for his car that says 666, which is a bit worrying. I think he’s quite open about saying he’s a witch.”

Both Anne and Mark are neighbors who live higher up directly behind John. They said the noise levels are a lot worse at their home. They never understood exactly what was going on, but knew all of it was very different.

When the Denyer couple moved to Hillbury Park in 2017, they expected a peaceful living environment at a semi-retirement residential park. Instead, they got an earful of noise along with stench polluting their living space.

Image: Samantha Hathaway and John Bennett

Image: Samantha Hathaway and John Bennett

John Bennett lives with his partner Samantha Hathaway at their $200,00 dollar property. They are members of the Clan of the Pheryllt. Their beliefs are inspired by ancient druids who practiced alchemy in the Welsh mountains. Nowadays, members hold public and private rituals or esbats at the time of a full moon, solstices and equinoxes.

The entire incident is a strange one, perhaps these folks can find peace somehow with one another.

(Source: The Telegraph)

Been cursed? Break an egg to see

A rather bizarre ritual apparently can be used to determine whether or not someone has been cursed in their life. It involves using a common egg found at your local supermarket. However, using a private farm laid egg is even better.

There is dark magic which surrounds us, just like good magic does. These energies affect us each day. Quite usually, people who are troubled are attracting the negative energies towards them. Doing something such as this, may be considered a type of witchcraft practice.

Been cursed Break an egg to see

If someone were to attempt this, they must maintain a clear mind before breaking the egg. The practice of breaking an egg like this, is seriously believed by those practicing types of Voodoo and Hoodoo. The egg breaking is a simple technique to determine whether or not you have a spell cast on you or some other kind of negative energy is flowing towards you.

Regardless of one’s beliefs, practices such as these date back for many years. Some people seem to have it easier in life than others. There may well be a reason for this. They were cursed in this lifetime or perhaps a previous one.

Being victim to a damnation in one’s existence, happened for some kind of reason. Those that do belief in reincarnation, think that we come back to the world until we get it right. Others think that this is it and we are gone forever. Those who are religious think we will ascend into heaven after we are gone.

If you are curious to find out if any magical negative energies have been affect your life, try breaking an egg.

Here is how:

  • Fill a clean, clear bowl with blessed water and say a pray to the deity of your choosing to help you find the truth.
  • Take an egg from the fridge and say another prayer that the egg you’re holding will absorb any negative energy.
  • Place the egg on the top of your head and roll it from there to the back of your head, down your neck, around the center of your back, and to your chest, all  while focusing on the egg absorbing any negative energy.
  • Once the above steps are completed, break the egg and empty its contents inside the bowl of water you’ve prepared. Take notice of any strange patterns or irregularities.

After doing this and the smell from the egg you cracked open is bad or if the water appears cloudy, then you are under the influence of a dark type spell or curse. Other notions are that you are holding onto negative energy from your past or present. Now, if the egg yolk takes the shape of an eye, then you are being affected by “the evil eye.”

However, if the water in the yolk was poured into bubbles, then the negative energy was absorbed by an external force. It is thought that if this happens, then your guardian spirit is watching out for you helping you heal. Like anything such as this, take it with a grain of salt. That being said, there are many things that we don’t know about entirely. Be cautious and careful if you try this.

(Source: Destination America)