Magic spell scrolls found in Serbia

It seems that researchers have discovered a series of spell scrolls from the eastern part of Serbia near the modern-day city of Kostolac. What these we exactly used for is another story, however they are quite ancient. The scrolls were found alongside the remains of...

female skinwalker

The skin-walkers

Deemed one of the most terrifying native American legends they are known as skin-walkers. These shape shifting witch doctors are able to roam freely altering their appearances. The Navajo Diné culture mentions a skin-walker can turn themselves into different disguises (in particular animals). The yee...

woman dead

Witch women killed in India

When we think about witches usually Salem, Massachusetts comes to mind. However, witchcraft was outlawed dating back to 1692 in Salem. Even a television series was inspired by some of the events which happened there. Witchcraft stretches far across the world. Known as either Daayan...