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Shaney Marie sex witch

Former stripper becomes sex witch healer

While there are a number of ways to experience sexual pleasures in life, this woman has tapped into something a bit different. Her name is Shaney Marie and she is 31 years old. She...

Psychic cat

Siberian witch buys psychic cat in Russia

An astonishing purchase was made by a Siberian witch, who bought a psychic cat back in January of this year. She paid $86,000 dollars for this fabulous feline. Apparently, this cat was inherited by...

Officer Samaniego Monterrey

Policeman in Mexico attacked by flying witch

In the foothills of Monterrey, Mexico a police officer encountered what he called a witch flying over top of a graveyard. This flying witch, then turned to attack him. Frightened and confused he reacted...

Police officer records witch in the woods

Police officer records witch in the woods

Recorded by a police car camera, was an incident which happened back on 6/27/15. An officer named Mallic captured on video, a rather strange moment. As he drives around on a routine patrol, he...

female skinwalker

The skin-walkers

Deemed one of the most terrifying native American legends they are known as skin-walkers. These shape shifting witch doctors are able to roam freely altering their appearances. The Navajo Diné culture mentions a skin-walker...