Ghosts Inside Abandoned Warehouse, Discovered To Be Prostitutes Instead

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Those living in a neighborhood in Zhejiang, China already were looking over their shoulders due to superstitious beliefs. Neighbors living next door to a haunted building, found out that instead of there being any kind of ghosts at the property, there were a number of prostitutes living here instead.

There were many reports of strange noises coming from this abandoned warehouse building. Apparently, this warehouse was being used as a brothel of sorts. Different people in this community, gave reports of strange shadows and weird lights coming from inside this place.

After all the commotion, authorities were contacted to investigate this run down warehouse. Even the police have heard rumors of paranormal type activity around this area. This may have been because a cemetery is located nearby here. This cemetery was thought to be ridden with ghosts. However, there were no ghosts per say but prostitutes instead.

Within the southeast part of Zhejiang, there are many unusual things here. It is easy enough to mistake something. But mistaking a ghost for a living person, is something else altogether. After the authorities were contacted, a number of police officers from the Wenzhou Police Department arrived at the scene.

Chinese prostitutes thought to be ghosts

These officers discovered new and used condoms around the premises. They also found four women here who were later arrested for prostitution. After further questioning, a man known as Chen was also arrested as the ringleader of this group. The police department, set up a stakeout and watched the location for several more days.

They noticed different women entering the building each night, who were followed by one man. It seems he was delivering different men here as customers for sex. In regards to this place being haunted, it was all just hearsay for now.

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