Category: Haunted

Haunted places and relics from around the world.

Anna Baker ghost wedding dress

The haunted wedding dress

A woman named Anna Baker, let her heart lead her to the man of her dreams. However, her father, didn’t want her to marry a man of such poverty. Anna begged and pleaded with...

Ghost Chloe the haunted mirror Baton Rouge Louisiana

The haunted mirror of morality

Located in a remote area of Baton Rouge, Louisiana is a 200 year old plantation home, with a rather haunting history. Previously, this 10-acre plantation (aside from being lived in as a home) was...

Nancy Kerlin grave site middle of road

Grave in the middle of the road

Located in the middle of the road in Indiana, is a rather bizarre site to be seen. Within both crossings of the road, nearly 200 years ago, a woman was buried here. Things have...