Man Is Convinced Small Utah Town Is Nothing But A Simulation

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There are a number of places that seem to show signs of unexplained activity. One of them is Bluff, Utah. This very remote location has a population of about 250 people. A lot of people have come here to visit over time and are often drawn to the nature here. 


The whimsical, mystifying beauty of Bluff, Utah cannot really be conveyed into words. It is nestled between sandstone bluffs and the San Juan River on the Trail of the Ancients Scenic Byway, this charming town is a great base to explore southeastern Utah. Bluff is an ideal place to unpack and soak up the natural splendor surroundings. 

Nearby Monument Valley, Four Corners, Goosenecks State Park, Valley of the Gods, and Natural Bridges National Monument provide plenty of breathtaking attractions to explore. But the locals here at (least some of them) seem to be a bit “off”. 


Whereas while inside of the town, you can learn about the archeology and cultural landscape of Bears Ears at the Bears Ears Education Center. You might be looking over your shoulder part of the time trying to figure out if what you are seeing is real or not. 

This location also includes the local Navajo culture and spirituality at the historic Bluff Fort. Every moment spent in hozho tends to be kind of a transcendental experience.

However, there seems to be a catch. There have been a few stories surrounding this place. It seems that some people believe this location to be more of a simulation of sorts. One man made a video about his experience and said some interesting things about this place.

Image by Riki32 from Pixabay

This man explained how he felt this location wasn’t a real place but more of a simulation. It was as if it was generated at random. While on vacation he said he purchased food at a local market here. He and his family became suspicious and later investigated further. They first discovered the available food here, all expired upon the same day and all of the products were from weeks earlier. 

It’s really weird to think this, but maybe something unusual is really happening here. Certainly, shipments come in for delivery like anyplace. But everything was marked for the same date. As this location is out in the middle of nowhere, it would make it more difficult to deliver here. Maybe there is some kind of schedule for deliveries here. At least that would be the rational thought anyway.

This man and his family spent the night here in a mobile type home. As they wandered around the town each and every person they came across apologized to them for not knowing how to operate the cash registers, computer booking system or other devices. Perhaps one of the most creepy things here was when the man asked each person questions. 

The locals here replied “It’s my first day here.” This seemed to happen not just once but with each local person they spoke with. This only further fueled their curiosity, as they started questioning everything around them.

Apparently, the locals have been contacted by different people regarding all of this. However, no one has commented about it yet. Everything is eerily silent. It is assumed the man’s name is Doug by his TikTok handle and his video seems to be getting some traction online. All of this really makes you wonder about us being in some kind of matrix or simulation. 

@catsupwithdoug The only time in my life when the Twilight Zone stopped feeling like science fiction #simulation #simulationtheory #bluffutah #catsupwithdoug #fyp ♬ original sound – Catsup with Doug
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