Personal Trainer Records Ghost At Hurst Castle

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In just mere moments it happened. A 33 year old man named Tony Ferguson (who works as a personal trainer) recorded what appears to be some kind of spirit on camera. The figure appears to have glowing eyes and peered out briefly, from behind a window at Hurst Castle in Hampshire.

Tony Ferguson ghost recording

When things like this happen, people are quick to dismiss them. It makes no rational sense, as the mind doesn’t interpret what was seen. Everyone knows there is an afterlife and we will go on living in it or possibly return to this world as another living life source.

For ghosts and spirits alike, they are trapped here upon the world. They haven’t been able to move forward and find their way yet it seems. At first, the personal trainer tried to debunk what was seen. Was this some sort of prankster?

After further examining the spot where the ghostly entity appeared, he soon realized that the passage was far too narrow for someone to fit through. Tony believes this ghost to be that of a former caretaker at the 16th century artillery fortress first established by Henry VIII between 1541 and 1544.

Tony Ferguson Hampshire United Kingdom Ghost

Tony said: “While we were there I really felt like something was following me from room to room but your mind can play tricks on you so I tried to ignore it. But when I watched the video back, I was shocked. It’s quite a scary looking figure.”

“I didn’t see the figure until I watched the footage back but the whole time I was in the castle I felt something watching me.”

“While we were there I really felt like something was following me from room to room but your mind can play tricks on you so I tried to ignore it. To see it manifest itself like that is incredible.”

Hurst Castle ghost Tony Ferguson capture

After Tony visited back in 2017, he had a few encounters that appeared to be supernatural. One of his first encounters while at the castle – was witnessing what looked like mist fly by his camera. The mist seemed to take the shape of a hand. This also was most unusual.

It seems that some people are more prone to activity such as this for whatever different reason. When Tony was last at the castle his psychic friend Paul was with him. Mediums such as this are more attuned to spirits, perhaps this is what triggered this one to “appear” in the window opening.

Tony later added, “I’m really glad I made the effort to go back, it feels like it was meant to be.”

Some believe this is nothing more than a hoax and that Tony’s friend was actually the spirit seen. Both human and animal eyes will reflect light in such as way, similar to what was seen in the video clip. This certainly makes it more difficult to believe this encounter.

(Source: The Sun and Inside Edition)

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