Real Or Imaginary Wolf Appeared In My Basement

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I dunno what to say but sometimes things can manifest sometimes right before you. Surely everyone has an imagination, but one person shared the brief encounter with what appeared to be a wolf lurking in their basement. 

Back in elementary school, they explained just how they lived. It was a typical family home built long ago. Their great-grandfather actually had built this home with his own two hands.

This was a simpler time being back sometime during the early 1950’s. To their knowledge, nothing out of the ordinary had ever happened at this home. Nobody that they knew of died here yet something troubling took place upon one day.

For whatever reason, it was the basement which scarred them the most. Rightfully so, after what they had seen. Several generations from before, they moved back into their childhood home after both of their parents had separated. It was tough for the whole family it seemed.  

Most of the time, the basement was used to keep their great-grandfathers things in some kind of order. Sadly, their great-grandfather had died just a few months after their birth. This person explained that they never got a chance to ever really know them. 

Their parents eventually became hoarders who hanged onto just about anything near and dear to their hearts. This created a very messy basement, filled with clutter everywhere. Sometimes when they went down to the basement alone, they thought moving shadows kept roaming around with them in the room. 

At some point their mother attempted to make this place a kind of playroom for them. There was even a smaller sized workout bench there which was not far from the heating unit. Meanwhile one day, their friend along with them were sitting downstairs inside the basement playing with dolls. It was unknown why but they decided to sit down and relax where the workbench was. 

A few moments later, they glanced back to notice an empty space just above the heater. They soon discovered that there was a giant sized wolf head lodged in this very space. It was really weird to say the least. The head appeared to resemble a typical wolf of what anyone would imagine to be. 

Imaginary Wolf Appeared

The weird thing was, the wolf head appeared to be staring back at them. When they turned over towards their friend they noticed she was still fascinated by the dolls there. Not longer after, they turned back to see this wolf. This time the wolf appeared to be much different; it seemed to be snarling back at them this time. 

As one can imagine, they were really terrified about the situation. Had their imagination just gotten the better of them? Perhaps, but this was different. Immediately after this, they grabbed their friend and ran upstairs.

They didn’t explain why so they wouldn’t scare her. While it seemed silly, this wolf was there in their mind. To this date, they still can’t imagine whether it was a figment of their imagination or some sort of spirit guide of sorts.

Perhaps this wolf was more of a protector after all than a predator. Could it have been the spirit of their great-grandfather? Anything was possible and at this point. They haven’t entered the basement since.

(Source: Unexplained Mysteries)

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