Riddled with rumors Helltown, Ohio permanently closed

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The Crybaby Bridge in Helltown

Image: The Crybaby Bridge in Helltown by Andrew Borgen

Now an abandoned village, this remote location is riddled with rumors and numerous urban legends that have taken place here. Originally established back in 1806, this area flourished until 1974.

President Gerald Ford, later would sign a bill which allowed the National Park Service to create a National Park in the county area.

After this, the homes here in the Boston Township, of Summit County, Ohio were then abandoned and later boarded up. The nickname for this area, is now known as Helltown, Ohio. Several homes were purchased by the government back during December 27th of 1974. Later, the homes were demolished down completely.

Over time, different sightings and encounters have been mentioned about this place. Some of the things include cults performing human sacrifices, a supposed serial killer once frequented here, ghosts have been spotted here and a mutant python among other things in this dark foreboding place.

This is a small place and a part of the Akron Metropolitan Statistical Area. The map location is labeled as Peninsula, Ohio. However, finding Helltown isn’t easy, as it is not found on any printed Ohio map.

There are less than 600 people who call this area home. There were some people who mentioned, this place is so dangerous—that being out here during the night can prove to be fatal. The stories regarding Helltown, are so numerous, it is almost impossible to track them all down.

Some of these things include: A Government Conspiracy, A Cemetery, House in the Woods, A School Bus, A Church, A Hearse, End of the World, Highway to Hell, Dead-End Roads, A Slaughterhouse, A Funeral Home, Children of the Corn, Animal Mutilations, Figures in the Woods, Satanic Activity and even Ghostly activity.

Helltown cemetery

Rumors that the Government spilled a terrible chemical here, led to people becoming mutants over time including their children. This is why the buildings were purchased as part of a cover up type operation. The local cemetery is claimed to be haunted by a ghost, that sits on a bench blankly starring at nothing. Trees here also seemingly move from the work of a “Satanic cult”.

The trees move around in order to protect the cult’s dark secrets. A remote house in the woods can be seen by the burning light in an upstairs window. Some think it is haunted but while it is off the main road, this is nothing more than a local hostel that provides lodging for young travelers.

A school bus of children, were rumored to have been killed by different ways including serial killers, escaped mental patients and/or Satanists. The local church community, is rumored to be nothing more than a cover up for a secret cult society.

Helltown Ohio road closed

If someone drives past the local road closed signs, they will be run down by a creepy man who drives a hearse. This maniac will then hunt you down or chase you out of town. The rumors and stories continue in many variations but continue to bring people here out of curiosity. Helltown has since become a place of legends.

(Source: Atlas Obscura and Praire Ghosts)

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