Romanian Man Believes He Is The Son Of Dracula

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Some think he is nothing but a nutjob, while others are even offering him their own human blood. Known as Dracula’s son to some, he sleeps not far from where his father once tread. This young lad, pretends to be undead and even sleeps inside of a coffin in Romania.

Andreas Bathory is his name and even shares his antics on social media sites. It all started for him, after he was beckoned by his alleged father Dracula, the prince of darkness.

Andreas Bathory Draculas Son

He explained, “Four years ago he came to me in my dreams. He was in a dark chamber and called me ‘My son’. After that night I brought a sacrifice to the place where he was killed, and he told me: ‘Your life will change forever’. And it did.”

Transylvania is where Bathory calls home and resides as the leader of the Ordo Dracul Coven. They firmly believe that he is the successor to the throne, sort of speak. Volunteers offer their own blood for Bathory to feed upon. The blood is obtained from other means and not from biting. Quite incredibly, there are a number of people who offer their blood to Dracula’s son.

The donors seems to be in a cult-like situation. Perhaps they even believe, that they will reap rewards in life, from their humble generosities.

Andreas Bathory Romania

Andreas Bathory went on to explain, “We represent a tradition that is more than 600 years old.” There are those among the masses who believe that they too are vampires. However, they are focused upon fetishes and sex.

Bathory mentioned this is against the very nature of a vampire. When he is overwhelmed with the ways of the modern day living world, he creeps back into his coffin for a long nap before rising again as the son of Dracula.

Andreas Bathory Dracula Son Romania

While Dracula is one of the most well known characters in history, he was further propelled by big Hollywood feature films for years. This led to his persona becoming more of a fantasy for many.

Other films like The Lost Boys (1987) helped romanticize vampires in general as well. The now legendary vampire ‘Dracula’ written by Bram Stoker back in 1897, has since inspired many horror classic stories.

Whether or not Bathory is a descendant of Dracula is unknown. There are those who will argue he might be linked to the legend.

(Source: Disclose TV)

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