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Strange and unusual stories gathered from across the world.

One night with the devil girl

One night with the devil girl

While sharing a bus ride back to campus, several guys were sitting in front of me. I overheard them talking about a buddy they knew, who experienced something quite crazy. His name was Paul...

Magic genie lamp

Genie in a bottle deal goes bad

Recently, in the country of India, a bizarre deal made the news when Tapas Roy Choudhury received a phone call from a friend on Saturday. During the call, his friend mentioned to him about...

Mammoth femur bone found in backyard

9 Unbelievable things found in peoples backyards

People have fantasized about finding precious treasure or other valuables while poking around their yards. Occasionally, people find something even far more bizarre, in their backyards. The following list, includes some of the most...