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Fish With Human-Like Face Has People Freaked Out

A woman from China managed to capture a fish that looks human-like from the front of its head. Many are wondering if this is some kind of sign from above. The woman who managed to record this phenomenon can be heard saying, “The fish has turned into a fairy.” Those on China’s Weibo social media

Chinese Zoo Lets Animals Roam Free, While Visitors Are Caged

In a clever yet unnerving way, visitors of Lehe Ledu Wildlife Zoo, allow tourists to hand-feed the world’s most ferocious predators including tigers, lions and bears. By using this kind of theme for a zoo, patrons allow themselves a unique kind of experience. Certainly safety is an issue by reversing the situation. However, by using

Spectral Being Spotted Standing Inside Hovering Sky Pod

A woman sent in a rather interesting photograph to MrMBB333 on YouTube. Seen appears to be a pod of some sort hovering in the sky. Underneath looks like a mountain range of some sort. The exact location isn’t known. The photograph is now about a year old. The woman’s last name isn’t known but her