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People Are Reporting More Paranormal Sightings Since The Coronavirus Pandemic

Ever since the coronavirus quarantine, people have been seeing paranormal activity in their homes more frequently. One researcher in particular named John E.L. Tenney said that the lockdown is only helping to promote paranormal encounters. John is a former host from the television series Ghost Stalkers.  It was fairly typical for John to receive reports

Costumed Ghosts Help Enforce Coronavirus Lock-downs In India

It was quite a sight to see for most folks living in the Indian village of Odisha. Particularly, one woman was spotted wearing a black sari dressed up as a spectre of sorts walking the streets. This was done to help keep people away from one another during the pandemic. She notably had long flowing

Yorkshire Witch Who Died In 1561, Predicted Signs Of Days Ahead

Ursula Southeil was known for exhibiting immense prophetic and psychic abilities at an early age. She later became highly known in the United Kingdom as Mother Shipton. Her writings and prophecies have predicted some current worldly events which are taking place today.   While her prophecies were published later in 1641, (in the form of a